Tips, to not get a bad hangover..?

Answer eat well before you drink, don't drink fast, and don't mix drinks. there's a thin line between tipsy and drunk. you will definitely get a hangover if you get drunk. try to avoid that. if you do get... Read More »

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Any tips on recovering from a hangover?

when you have a hang over you are experiencing the effects of alcohol on your system.If I try to explain what alcohol does when its in your system, it'll make finding a hangover "cure" a whole lot ... Read More »

Hangover who knows a good hangover cure?

What do you do to help a hangover?

How do i get over this hangover?

Drink loads of Gatorade and take 2 advils. Works everytime. Drinking water alone is not helpful cause the minerals go through your system. You need gatorade to keep the nutrients and minerals in wh... Read More »