Tips to being more relaxed and handling things i don't want to hear better?

Answer There are many options in your situation! I'll list a few... For relaxation, you'll want to disconnect yourself from stressful environments. If you live in a loud/corrupt house, find somewhere ... Read More »

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Period crap. girls only. guys, u probably dont want to hear about my lady problems.?

When you first start getting your period it is very, very erratic. The more you worry about it and stress about it, the less likely it is to arrive. Don't worry, your monthly friend will be here so... Read More »

The Top 10 Things Men Hate about your Makeup - I want to hear from both Men and Women!?

I agree that most of it does apply to most guys, but I don't personally agree with certain bits. For example: unlike most men, I do notice very small details. But again, most men certainly do not. ... Read More »

Want some tips to reduce weight at present i am 65kgs i want to lose 10 kgs more i female can any one help me?

To lose weight decently, follow this simple diet routine, proved to be more effective:General Motors Weight Loss Diet, a.k.a. The GM Diet* - An e-mail received from Shri M Siddique (who recd from R... Read More »

How do i delete things i looked at on the internet i bought something for my husband dont want him to know!?

What browser are you using? In Internet Explorer click Tools > Clear browsing history.In Firefox click Tools > Clear private DataIn Chrome click the little wrench and then click Clear browsing data.