Tips to Run Fast?

Answer Whether you are running long-distance as a form of exercise or to help you train for a marathon, increasing your running speed can be beneficial. Increase your speed by concentrating on several ele... Read More »

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Any tips for getting rid of a cold fast!?

Zicam and airborne, you can by them at any store...its a medicine that kinda takes a preemtive strike on great

Acne please help just fast tips.?

toothpaste overnight on a zit helps tonsstrawberrie juice reduces redness no lie... but freshly squeezedhot steam opens porespro-activ actualy works if u use it consistentlyummm not wearing makeup ... Read More »

Tips on how to lose 30 lbs fast?

Count your calories. Eat lots of fruits. Eat below 1200 calories. Jumping jacks, runing, walking. Don't eat drunk food. If you're a teenager sleeping helps. Sorry if I didn't help answer mine pleas... Read More »

Tips for Fast Hair Growth?

Few things are as frustrating as wanting longer hair and waiting for it to grow. Whether your desire to grow your hair is for beauty or a new hairstyle (or to correct a bad one), or to grow hair af... Read More »