Tips to Remove Dents From Cars?

Answer There are several ways to remove dents from cars, but anyone trying these methods should know the basics in this article before starting. From small dents that can be done with no painting at all,... Read More »

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How to Remove Dents From Antique Cars?

One of the first things buyers look at in antique cars is the body. Even a minor scratch or dent significantly drops the price, usually because the shopper thinks it takes too much money and time t... Read More »

How Do I Remove Small Dents in Cars?

There will be many instances where a small dent might blemish the surface of your car. A small bird may hit your car while speeding down a highway, a random shopping cart may come out of nowhere an... Read More »

How to Remove Dents From a Car Door?

A dent in your car door can be an eyesore. While many turn to a bathroom tool for the answer, tackling the dent with a pink rubber plunger in hand, this method may not be the one for you. Small den... Read More »

How to Remove Dents From a Fender?

A dent in your car's fender is not a pleasant sight to see, but getting it removed professionally can be expensive, especially for an older car that isn't worth very much. With some effort, it is p... Read More »