Tips to Potty-Train Yorkies?

Answer Potty-training a Yorkshire terrier is essential to keeping your home free of pet stains and smells and will ultimately help keep the function of your home more fluid. However, potty-training a York... Read More »

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Are yorkies hard to potty train?

On One Hand: Adorable but Strong-willedOn the one hand, just about any small dog can pose a challenge to housebreaking. It's the nature of the beast, so to speak. Yorkshire terriers can be especi... Read More »

How can you potty train a 3 year old girl that wont use the potty?

you say if u go to the bathroom i will give u a treat usually this works

How to Potty Train a Child Who Refuses to Sit on the Potty?

According to Tanya Remer Altmann, M.D., FAAP, potty training can only happen "when a toddler is ready, and you can't rush it." It is also important to be ready as a parent. You must have the time a... Read More »

How to Potty Train a Pet Pig?

Contrary to their dirty mud-lounging reputation, pigs are actually very clean, intelligent animals that make wonderful pets. These loyal animals can add a touch of absurdity and fun to a household ... Read More »