Tips to Lease a Car in California?

Answer Agreeing to a car lease is a major financial commitment. You're bound by the provisions of the lease contract, including early-termination penalties and mileage overages. Some leases come with the ... Read More »

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How to Get Out of a New Auto Lease in California?

You just signed a car lease, and you're struck with a severe case of leaser's remorse. Maybe you've realized you overestimated what kind of monthly payments you can handle or maybe you just hate th... Read More »

California Property Lease Laws?

Nearly 16 percent of California residents leased properties in 2008, according to the American Community Survey done by the US Census Bureau. California property lease laws regulate both landlord a... Read More »

Tips for Getting out of a Lease?

A lease on a house or apartment is a legally binding document, and thus it is difficult to change or abolish the terms of the lease if one is unwilling to fulfill the commitment. However, the legal... Read More »

Tips for Getting Out of a Lease Agreement?

Many renters in lease agreements often find that the circumstances that led to their signing the lease have changed and wish to be out of it. This can be tricky, as, according to the website Apartm... Read More »