Tips to Get the Lowest Interest Rate?

Answer Shopping for a mortgage can be a frustrating, confusing experience. With a wide variety of loan types available and a seemingly endless list of features and costs associated with each, it pays to d... Read More »

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How To Replace a High Interest Rate Credit Card With a Low Interest Rate Card?

Many consumers sign up for a specific credit card because they were offered an attractive introductory interest rate. The problem with introductory rates is that they eventually increase. Before yo... Read More »

Is credit card interest tied to the prime interest rate?

According to the Federal Reserve, some variable-rate credit cards base their interest rate on the prime interest rate. However, other rates can also be used, such as the Treasury bill rate.Source:F... Read More »

How to Convert the Lease Rate Factor to an Interest Rate?

When you're purchasing a car, financing is an important consideration. The most important aspect of financing is the interest rate. The higher the interest rate, the more money you're paying for th... Read More »

What year were US mortgage rates of interest the lowest?

According to Federal Reserve statistics, U.S. mortgage rates were at their lowest in April 2009, when the level reached a low of 4.81 percent on 30 year fixed rate mortgages. This rate is the lowes... Read More »