Tips to Bleach Your Hair White?

Answer Bleaching your hair white can be an easy one-step process, or it can take several months of repeated coloring to achieve the shade of white blond you are going for. Many factors contribute to the d... Read More »

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Should i get ombre hair, or blonde tips, or should i bleach the bottom under layer of my hair?

This is just my opinion:Curly/wavy hairBottom Layer: 4/10Tips: 5/10Ombre: 10/10Straight hairBottom layer: 5/10Tips: 10/10Ombre: 4/10Hope this helps!

How to dye bleach blonde hair to white?

you can not bleach synthetic hair, it will either not do anything or it will melt the hair depending on the quality of the "hair" and what it is made of. If it is a blend of real hair and synthetic... Read More »

How to Bleach the Yellow From White Hair?

White hair doesn't have any pigment to buffer it from the elements, so it is especially vulnerable to yellowing due to environmental factors such as sunlight, smoking, exposure to swimming pools or... Read More »

How to Bleach Hair to White Blond?

White blond hair is a color that isn't easily achieved: very few people have blond hair that is light enough to be dyed white. For everyone else, the hair has to be bleached first. Once your hair i... Read More »