Tips to Being a Good Roommate?

Answer Whether you're staying at a college dormitory or renting an apartment, you may end up sharing your new living space with a roommate. Cooperation is required for you and your roommate to keep the pl... Read More »

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Tips on Living With a College Roommate?

The transition to college doesn't always go smoothly. In a study of college freshmen, 32 percent reported feelings of loneliness after the first week of school, reported Jennifer Crocker and Amy Ca... Read More »

How to Be a Good Roommate?

Have you ever had to share a home with a stranger or even a close friend, only to find out you can't live together? Living with other people can be difficult, especially when each person comes from... Read More »

How to Find a Good Roommate?

The best way to avoid roommate conflicts is to pick the right roommate in the first place. It can be tempting to select a roommate on the basis of how friendly they are, but you're better off judgi... Read More »

Would posting a want ad for a roommate be a good idea?

Lots of people out here advertise on Craig's list, but there are also tons of people out here that post on Craig's list looking for "victims" so be careful. Depending on where in CA you wind up, th... Read More »