Tips to Become an Attractive Man?

Answer When you want to become a more attractive man, it helps to understand that in addition to physical appearance, your mannerisms and your personality are very important as well. Because each man has ... Read More »

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How attractive an I from 1-10 AND tips for making myself more attractive?

Honestly, I find humility attractive. You are physically good looking enough, but your tag shows some true colors.edit:Physically good looking=outward appearancetag=what you call yourself

Do you have to be attractive to become a bartender (I'm a female)?

You Don't Have To Be ''hot'' to be a bartender, you need the skills to mix the drinks and talk to the patrons. It is illegal to not hire someone on the terms of body types, and such. I think you wo... Read More »

Pls Give me Tips to become Fat?

Are you sure that you want to be fat. That sounds kind of ridiculous. Maybe you should pack on some muscle instead. But either way if you you want to gain weight you should invest in cytogainer. It... Read More »

Any tips on how to become a better driver?

The major piece of advice I can give you is to relax. I understand what you are going through. I went through the same nervousness when I first began driving. Every new driver goes through a per... Read More »