Tips on using my new tripod.?

Answer My best advice is to use it as often as you can. Video shot with a tripod is infinitely better than video shot without one.Most tripods do not require extensive maintenance. Don't be too rough wi... Read More »

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Need a tripod mount that will fit a Zeikos 72" Tripod. Where would I find one?

Part of why that tripod was not a great bargain is the usual issues of flimsiness and balkiness. Another is that replacement quick release plates are hard to find. That has been one of the reason... Read More »

I have canon EOS400D. and how to prevent the picture from shaking other than using tripod.?

Set the camera for a higher ISO setting. You have a range available from 100 ISO to 1600. Do most of your shooting at 400 or so, and you'll be find outdoors. Indoors, use flash or move it up to ... Read More »

Tips for Using Rain X?

Rain-X Original Glass Treatment was designed to improve driving visibility in wet and other inclement weather, as a supplement of sorts to occasionally ineffective windshield wiper blades. Rain-X h... Read More »

Tips on Using Inkscape?

Inkscape is a free, open-source program for creating vector graphics and icons. It contains many options that can be confusing for a neophyte to first learn, but then become easy and automatic with... Read More »