Tips on how to style this :) 10 points right away?

Answer Blow ur hair out when blow drying(you can YouTube how to do that). Use a moose and curling wand. Put on hottest setting and rap around loosely. Good luck

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It is slim, compact G-SHOCK designed to hug the wrist. A Tide Graph on the display provides the modern surfer with essential information about surfing conditions. The metal face and spatter mirror... Read More »

How to style my hair like Victoria Justice Best answer get 10 points?

wet your hair in the shower, and towel dry (leave it a little damp) get a medium to high hold mousse, about a handful or even more if your hair is long and thick, turn your hear upside down and use... Read More »

Is there a program that records points game show style?

Yes, actually. There was a group of three or four men. When they realized they were on a game show, they immediately got back out.

Short Bob Style Tips?

Short bobs are back in style, as seen on celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. A carefree and youthful style, this short look is bold, chic and sexy. Since this style is short, man... Read More »