Tips on how to grow out your hair?

Answer Wash your hair with cold water,you'll feel goose bumps on your head and it will grow.Don't try and be like everyone else. Short hair is pretty too..

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Tips to Grow Your Hair Longer?

With the average head of hair growing only 6 inches a year, it's no surprise that women turn to extensions and hairpieces to instantly add length and volume. These are great temporary ways to enjoy... Read More »

Tips to Get Your Hair to Grow Thicker?

Hair care is an undeniably important aspect of any beauty regimen. Whether we're conditioning it to make it smoother or heating it to make it straight, we certainly do a lot to keep our manes maint... Read More »

Tips on How Long Your Hair Takes to Grow?

No "magic bullet" can make your hair grow an inch overnight, say the experts at They maintain that, except for some very rare exceptions, most people only grow about six inches of... Read More »

Tips for Using Gelatin to Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Gelatin is mostly thought of for use in cooking and baking. Gelatin can be added to almost any homemade pie filling to make the mixture less runny and is used to make homemade marshmallows and in c... Read More »