Tips on contouring the face?

Answer I don't think that Soft & Gentle and Laguna will be too shimmery at all! You can't really see the shimmer on your face when you put the bronzer on. I bought it before but I have fair skin so it did... Read More »

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What Is Contouring on Spray Tans?

Spray-on tans and contouring make-up used to be the sole province of Hollywood, but that is no longer true. Safer ingredients and smaller, more mobile equipment have not only made this luxury more ... Read More »

How to Improve Your Appearance With Body Contouring?

Exercise and diet programs are the usual alternatives people go for when thinking of weight reduction. However, even the strictest of diet and exercise regimens are sometimes not enough to eliminat... Read More »

How to Shade and Contouring Your Large Nose?

Everyone has little flaws they'd like to hide. Perhaps your nose is bigger than you'd like, and it makes you self-conscious when talking to others. But don't believe that you have to resort to extr... Read More »

Any tips for not going red in the face?

Maintain calm. Focus on your breathing to keep yourself from getting to worked up. Wear comfortable clothing to avoid getting too hot. Drink cold water also to keep your body temperature cooler.... Read More »