Tips on Wedding Makeup for Blue-Eyed Blondes?

Answer Weddings are an opportunity for you to dress up and look your best. Whether you are the bride or a guest, applying the right makeup for your blue eyes and blond hair is essential. Considering the m... Read More »

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How to Do Your Eye Makeup for Blue-Eyed Girls?

The last thing a blue-eyed girl would want to do is take focus away from her eyes. If you want makeup that features your blue eyes, rather than drowning them out, choose shades that work with your ... Read More »

How to Put on Makeup if You Are Blonde and Blue Eyed?

If you have fair skin, blond hair, and blue eyes, here is a basic guide to perfect make up every time.

Can a blue eyed man and a brown eyed woman have a baby with hazel eyes?

It all depends on the baby, your family before you. So if you have any further questions I would ask a scientist or maybe even your primary care doctor. Glad to help. =)

Can 2 green eyed parents have a blue eyed baby?

Yes. It is all to do with genes. You have half of your gametes from each parent which are either dominant or recessive. From your question I assume that green is the dominant allele which can be re... Read More »