Tips on Training a Chihuahua From Nipping?

Answer If you've ever owned little dogs such as Chihuahuas, you know that they are unlike larger breeds, partly because you treat them differently. When they jump up on you upon your return home, it's c... Read More »

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When training for serving in a restaurant is it policy to get tips while training?

You do not get tipped while training, but you should get full minimum wage.

How to Keep a Chihuahua From Fighting?

Chihuahua's are an extremely lively dog breed. They are adventurous and enjoy love and affection.They are also very agile, cheerful, and brave. However, without proper training and leadership from ... Read More »

How to Prevent Your Chihuahua from Behaving Badly?

Chihuahuas have gotten a reputation as loud, high-strung dogs, and thanks to celebrity trends, tend to be treated by some people like fluffy little designer handbags.However, in spite of all the ba... Read More »

Tips for Training a Beagle?

Beagles are smart, strong-willed dogs that require consistency and patience to train. Training your beagle should start when he is a puppy and remain consistent throughout his life. It is easy for... Read More »