Tips on Teaching Essay Skills?

Answer Writing comes naturally to some students. They have internalized the language and its grammar. And though they may need to become more sophisticated, writing assignments do not usually frighten the... Read More »

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Teaching Tips for Life Skills Students?

Teaching life skills to students is a very rewarding yet challenging job. Life skills is defined as a wide range of knowledge and skill interactions believed to be essential for adult independent l... Read More »

Parenting Tips & Teaching Social Skills to Young Children?

Parenting children in social awareness is important because a person's ability to interact in socially appropriate ways is a learned skill. Social skills are also a reflection of a child's temperam... Read More »

What Are Some College Essay Writing Skills?

The college admission essay can be the most difficult component to a college application. However, it is an opportunity for an applicant to present admissions staff with a compelling, personal and... Read More »

Essay Writing Skills for History?

The skills required to write a good essay --- comprehensive reading, attention to detail, and critical thinking --- are the same skills a history student already possesses. By sharpening these too... Read More »