Tips on Teaching Auditory Learners?

Answer Auditory learners gain understanding of information differently than other students. Information presented to an auditory learner in a written form confuses the student while causing frustration. T... Read More »

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Communication Between Visual & Auditory Learners?

Humans primarily take in information from the outside world through the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Each person's mind, however, has a sense by which it best internalizes a... Read More »

Auditory Teaching Ideas for Preschoolers?

Howard Gardner pioneered the multiple intelligences theory that is widely used in teacher education today. This theory states that people have different learning styles, with some people possessing... Read More »

The Best Practices for Teaching Multiple Learners?

When planning a lesson, a teacher needs to take into account the different types of learners in her class. Students have different ways of learning; they may be kinesthetic, auditory or visual lear... Read More »

Teaching Math to Slow Learners?

Math may prove challenging for slow learners. Because harder math concepts build on simpler ones, it's vital that students develop an understanding of math principles for future academic success. ... Read More »