Tips on Stage Battles on "Brutal Legend"?

Answer "Brutal Legend" is an action-adventure strategy video game released by Electronic Arts in 2009. Players take control of Eddie Riggs as he completes an adventure that features many legends of rock '... Read More »

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How to Get the Dragons Out in Brutal Legend?

"Brutal Legend" was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2009. There are many collectibles in "Brutal Legend," ranging from new songs, new attacks and statues that increase your character... Read More »

How to Kill Doviculus in Brutal Legend?

This is how to kill Doviculus in Brutal Legend.

Any tips for OCD: very heavy stage?

Your whole family must know you have this proclivity if it is true OCD as you can't help but to perform the rituals regardless of who's watching. A doctor is for YOU and no one else so what do you ... Read More »

Stage Makeup Artist Tips?

Stage makeup has several roles in any production. First, it helps people in the audience see the faces of the actors or dancers. It also defines the mood of the performance. In some cases, it creat... Read More »