Tips on Spanish Verbs?

Answer Spanish verbs follow some general guidelines, but having a few tips on hand when studying can help you overcome the obstacles presented by verbs that don't quite fit the pattern.

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What Are Commanding Verbs in Spanish?

All Spanish verbs have a mandato or command form. Spanish speakers and writers use these forms to address others directly and give them commands or orders. Since these forms can only be used for di... Read More »

How to Conjugate Spanish "Ar" Verbs?

One of the most important parts of learning Spanish is knowing how to conjugate verbs to match the subject pronoun. This article will teach you the rule for conjugating all verbs ending in -ar.

How to Learn Spanish Verbs Fast?

Verbs are words used to describe an action that is or has been physically performed. Spanish verbs are no exception, as Spanish verbs are also used to describe when a person is performing an action... Read More »

How to Conjugate Verbs to Study in Spanish?

Learning to conjugate verbs in Spanish brings a language student a step closer to communicating, whether in the classroom or while working or traveling abroad. Students often begin by memorizing si... Read More »