Tips on Replacing Rotors?

Answer The rotor is a cast-iron disc attached to the wheel hub of a car that provides a friction surface for the braking system. Rotors can warp from the heat, be gouged from worn brake pads, become pitte... Read More »

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Replacing Brake Rotors?

You need to replace the brake rotors on your vehicle if you hear a grinding noise when you stop. In some cases, you may only hear the noise coming from one side of the vehicle. Even if this is the ... Read More »

Replacing Ford F-150 Brake Rotors?

Replacing Ford F-150 brake rotors is something you ordinarily do at the same time you replace your brake pads. Whatever the reason, there may come a time when you have to replace the rotors for one... Read More »

The Consequences of Not Replacing Worn Brake Rotors?

Driving on badly worn rotors leads to a host of brake problems. Well-maintained rotors keep your automobile safe. The key to being safe lies in paying attention to signs of worn rotors. If your bra... Read More »

Replacing Brake Rotors on a Jeep Liberty?

Replacing the brake rotors on a Jeep Liberty is easy with the right tools. Generally, you should change the rotors at the same time you are replacing brake pads. You might sometimes need to replace... Read More »