Tips on Removing Scratches From a Car?

Answer Scratches on a car occur in various ways. Usually hard objects rubbed against the paint cause scratches. In certain cases what may look like a scratch may not, in fact, be one. Scratches can come f... Read More »

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Tips for Removing Scratches on Windshields?

With the cost of replacing windshields getting higher all the time, it pays to take the time to repair them if possible. Scratches are a problem that should be addressed not just because they are u... Read More »

Tips on Removing Paint Scratches From a Fender?

Removing scratches from a car fender can be affordable and easy, depending on the severity of the scratch. Small and minor scratches may be fixable with simple, over-the-counter products at the loc... Read More »

Removing Scratches From Car Paint?

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Removing Scratches From Car Windows?

Peterson Manufacturing Company specializes in stop, turn and tail lights for a variety of vehicles, and one of their most popular models is the round tail light. The bulbs on these components can f... Read More »