Tips on Removing Rear Drum Brake Pads?

Answer Rear brakes are a lot harder to change than front brakes. Stuck drums, springs, dust and a variety of other obstacles makes the job difficult. However, the job is not impossible if you use a little... Read More »

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How to Change Rear Drum Brake Pads?

Today, nearly all automobiles use disc brakes on the front wheels; however, many inexpensive vehicles still use drum brakes on the rear wheels. The rear wheels only supply about 20 to 30 percent of... Read More »

Removing Rear Drum Brakes?

Removing rear drum brakes for replacement is considerably different than doing so for disc brakes. Rear drum brakes use brake shoes rather than pads, which mainly work with the parking brake. Openi... Read More »

Removing Rear Drum Brakes on a 92 GMC Truck?

The tools required for replacing the rear brakes on your 1992 GMC truck can be found in most toolboxes. Labor rates are high , and you should do any of the maintenance that you can yourself to save... Read More »

How to Replace Drum Brake Pads?

Drum brake pads are more popularly known as brake shoes. Before the introduction of disc brakes, drum brakes were featured on both the front and rear axles of vehicles. Because disc brakes are more... Read More »