Tips on Removing Lice on Babies?

Answer Even if you keep your baby's hair completely clean, he might pick up head lice, which are spread through direct contact with the hands or belongings of someone who is already infected. Head lice ar... Read More »

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Home Remedies for Removing Head Lice?

You can remove head lice at home without resorting to expensive medicines. Often you will find home remedies for removing head lice to be cheaper than commercial products, less abrasive and less da... Read More »

Lice lice lice i'm an 11 year old girl hat can not get rid of lice i don't want to shave my head help?

There is a whole bunch of things that need to be done to get rid of lice.You need to use some lice shampoo and use a lice comb.This should kill the lice and the comb removes the eggs.Then your bedd... Read More »

Can babies get crab lice?

Babies can have crab lice in their eyelashes. In adults, the lice live in the pubic hair. Crab lice are different insects than head lice, which infest the scalp. Crab lice spread by skin-to-skin co... Read More »

Tips on Prevention of Lice Reinfestation?

When you encounter the problem of lice, the last thing you want to do after you get rid of them is have to deal with a reinfestation. There are a number of ways to ensure that you do not have to wo... Read More »