Tips on Remembering Strong Acids & Bases?

Answer When it comes to memorizing lists, it's all about mnemonics: rhymes, songs or mental pictures. The sillier, more visual and more memorable the device, the better for remembering. These techniques a... Read More »

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Are strong acids&bases strong electrolytes?

Strong acids and strong bases are both considered strong electrolytes, because they completely split apart in the presence of water. This disassociation results in free-floating cations (positively... Read More »

Uses of Acids & Bases?

Acids and bases have a wide variety of uses in both our everyday home lives and in chemistry and industry. The reason is twofold. First, since they are on the polar ends of the pH scale (the scale ... Read More »

How to Combine Acids and Bases?

Chemists frequently mix acids and bases to control the pH conditions within the solutions they create. The pH scale, which ranges from 0 to 14, describes whether a solution is neutral, acidic or ba... Read More »

Industrial Uses of Acids & Bases?

Acids and bases are an essential part of many industries. They are used to make fertilizer, cleaning supplies, in research, nuclear waste storage and countless other applications. When using these... Read More »