Tips on Recovering From Night Shifts?

Answer People who work the night shift, between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. can experience trouble sleeping. In fact, there's a term for the condition called Shift Work Sleep Disorder. Recovering from... Read More »

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What are some tips for recovering from chicken pox?

take a bath in oatmeal, that will help the itching. Have mom put on some calamine lotion to the spots that are really driving you crazy. Best thing is to cut your nails short so if you scratch you ... Read More »

Any tips on recovering from a hangover?

when you have a hang over you are experiencing the effects of alcohol on your system.If I try to explain what alcohol does when its in your system, it'll make finding a hangover "cure" a whole lot ... Read More »

Are the Newborn & Babby section regs recovering from last night's outbreak of Swine Flu?

They are all dead. Who wants to start the dead babby jokes now?

Makeup Tips for a Night Out?

Getting ready for a night out takes a few steps--picking out the perfect outfit, styling the hair and putting on evening-ready makeup. A few simple tips can make putting on makeup for a night out n... Read More »