Tips on Priming and Painting a Car?

Answer Learning to prime and paint your car can be a steep learning curve, but it can save you a lot of money that would be spent hiring a skilled automotive painter. When painting cars, preparation and t... Read More »

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What Are the Best Automotive Priming & Painting Processes?

The best automotive painting and priming processes are made of innovations that make traditional processes more efficient, less costly and more environmentally safe. Priming has been improved upon ... Read More »

Do I Have to Sand Stained Woodwork Before Priming & Painting it?

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Painting Tips for Painting Clouds on the Ceiling?

When you're looking for a special decorative touch for a bedroom or even a bathroom, clouds can make an original and visually pleasing addition to a ceiling or wall. Best of all, they're not a chal... Read More »

Any painting tips for me?

Your probably spreading your paint too thin, it might look like enough paint when wet but it will become more obvious when dry. A roller would be your best best to paint the larger surfaces as it d... Read More »