Tips on Masking Tires for Rim Painting?

Answer Rims can become scratched, scuffed, dented or gouged over time. The price of a new set of rims can be in the thousands, so that may not be an option for everyone looking for nice rims. The best alt... Read More »

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How do i remove masking tape after spray painting?

Pull slowly and gently if you have recently spray painted your wall; the masking tape likely will lift easily from the wall. If you pull the tape quickly or with jerking movements, then you may pul... Read More »

Auto Masking Tape Tips?

Preparing a car for a paint job requires the utmost care to minimize flaws. Paint and other finishes sprayed into place have the ability to travel and fall into crevices, vents and onto areas of th... Read More »

Painting Tips for Painting Clouds on the Ceiling?

When you're looking for a special decorative touch for a bedroom or even a bathroom, clouds can make an original and visually pleasing addition to a ceiling or wall. Best of all, they're not a chal... Read More »

Painting Whitewall Tires to Black?

Whitewall tires enhance the appearance of some vehicles, but are glaringly out of place on others. A bargain price, or limited size selections may force the purchase of whitewall tires for a vehicl... Read More »