Tips on Makeup to Hide Scars?

Answer According to the Acne Resource Center, 25 percent of teenagers and young adults who suffer from acne will retain permanent scarring ranging from light to severe. Unlike other skin conditions, acne ... Read More »

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How can I hide my scars?

Don't listen to whoever that was cause she doesn't know. I cut, mostly on my stomach but I have a few on my legs. I hafta wear shorts for gym class. Mkkaayy here's wat to do: go to ur local CVS and... Read More »

How to hide self arm scars at work?

As un imaginative as it is try using your skin colored make up on your arm and on the scared area and if it's still visible I know this sounds stupid but just go with the flow most people... Read More »

How to Hide Under Eye Surgery Scars?

Under eye scars can look like age lines, so it works to your advantage to cover them up. Technology today has provided make up to use for just this purpose, it lets you fill in the scars and smooth... Read More »

How to Hide Acne Scars?

Acne scars can make you feel self conscious, as if they are the only thing noticeable on your face. The appearance of acne scars can be improved with good skin care habits and with the right makeup... Read More »