Tips on Lowlighting Hair at Home?

Answer Applying lowlights to your hair will help you to achieve a new look. This process is the opposite of highlighting, which lightens small or thick strands of hair. To lowlight, you darken the color o... Read More »

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Instructions on Lowlighting Grey Hair?

As hair matures and begins to grey, it may lose its luster and shine. While random grey hairs may be annoying at first, silver hair can be beautiful. You can choose to accent your grey or cover it ... Read More »

Lowlighting for Growing Out Your Gray Hair?

You want to eliminate the maintenance and expense required with chemically processed hair coloring, but taking on the task of growing your gray out may seem monumental. However, with a few simple p... Read More »

Tips on Bleaching Hair at Home?

There are dozens of sayings and phrases that glorify golden blond tresses, so it is no surprise that most people have considered going blond at some point. However, getting your hair bleached at a ... Read More »

Tips on Using Home Hair Color?

Typically, home hair color disasters occur because the person dying her hair does not understand the hair coloring process. Knowing what type of hair color to use, whether permanent, single process... Read More »