Tips on How to Teach 2-Year-Olds in Preschool?

Answer The terrible twos is a phrase that almost every parent, and preschool teacher, may dread. Although two-year-olds may be notorious for their abundant energy and almost instant ability to go from cal... Read More »

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How to Teach Preschool for 3-Year-Olds?

While some children don't step into a classroom until they are four or five, others begin their education experience at a much younger age. While three-year-olds have an impressive capacity for lea... Read More »

3 Year Olds Problems at PreSchool?

Separation Anxiety is a common problem among toddlers, and can even last to as old as four or five. The best thing to do, although it might sound a little mean, is to just drop him off, and reassu... Read More »

Ideas for preschool (2-3 year olds) crafts.?

Make a small town from empty milk cartons, plastic bottles, etc. Have the kids cover them with paper and draw doors, windows, etc on them.

How to Teach 3-Year-Olds to Read?

Filled with curiosity, energy and excitement, a typical 3-year-old may find the idea of sitting down for a reading lesson to be boring and uninteresting. Reading is a skill that preschool-aged chil... Read More »