Tips on How to Put on Make-Up?

Answer Proper makeup application yields a successful look. While you may apply products to your face, eyes and lips, it doesn't merit that the application was correct or that it is flattering. Makeup appl... Read More »

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Make-up Tips to Make Eyes and Lips Look Fuller?

Not everyone is blessed with big eyes and full lips, so when preparing for a date or a night out with the girls it is necessary to use some makeup tricks to enhance your look. Looking your best onl... Read More »

Make up tips to make me interesting (10 pts!!!!!!)?

Put a light line of eye liner on the top of her eyelids (not the bottom that may look just a little goth depending on her face) And put mascara on! Enough coats too makeher eyes pop and too be noti... Read More »

Eye Make-Up Tips?

Whether you want to enhance your beautiful brown eyes or make your bright blue eyes pop, eye makeup is key to drawing out your personal beauty. Every eye color and shape can shine with the proper m... Read More »

Asian Eye Make-Up Tips?

Asian eyelids tend to be different from other eyelids. About half of Asian eyelids are known as a "single lid," which is characterized by an upper lid that has no crease. Even Asian eyelids that h... Read More »