Tips on How to Clean a Boat Gas Tank?

Answer Cleaning a boat's gas tank is very important in the vessel's maintenance. Specifically, the gas tank should be cleaned if it has been a while since it was used. Taking care of the gas tank ensures ... Read More »

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How to Set the Pressure in a Boat Accumulator Tank?

Accumulator tanks use pressurized air to send water through a boat's lines without using the on-board water pump. This reduces the number of cycles a water pump has to produce, which cuts down on i... Read More »

How to Siphon Gas From a Boat Tank?

There are times when a boater might benefit from removing the gas from a boat's gas tank. At the end of the boating year, you may need to remove all the gas from the gas tank prior to putting the b... Read More »

How do I mix 2-cycle oil into a boat tank?

PreparationDetermine the size of your gas tank, and know the manufacturer's mixing ratio for your engine. In reading the gas-to-oil mix ratio, the gas is the larger number. Calculate the amount of ... Read More »

How big is a 1999 Key West 19 ft boat gas tank?

The fuel tank on a 1999 Key West model 1900CC boat is rated at 60 gallons. Other 19-foot Key West models, the 196BR and 196BRTH are also equipped with 60-gallon fuel tanks.References:Key West Boats... Read More »