Tips on Home Ventilation Duct Structure?

Answer The ductwork in a home's central heating and cooling system is more than just a passageway for air; it also delivers proper air volume to all points within the home. If the ducts are not structured... Read More »

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Teaching Tips on the Atomic Structure?

Teaching atomic structure can be a challenge. The quantum mechanical picture of the atom is complicated and very abstract --- so abstract, in fact, that interpretations of quantum mechanics remain ... Read More »

What is the smallest home structure you have ever lived in?

Is carpeting considered part of a home's Structure or Contents?

Answer Most real estate law defines an appurtenance as any item or attachment which is normally installed or attached by a specialist, such as carpeting, electrical wiring or plumbing.If an item i... Read More »

Is adoption a solution to orphans living without structure and a home ?

No I don't think adoption is a solution. Rescuing one or two here and there, taking them to a foreign country and making them a stranger in their own land is not a cure for poverty. Most of the ch... Read More »