Tips on Growing an Afro?

Answer Wearing an afro can serve as a powerful fashion statement. Whether your goal is to channel 1970s icons or to have a low-maintenance hair style, the afro is a suitable style option. While a soft per... Read More »

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Tips on Growing an African American Male's Afro?

An afro is a natural hairstyle worn predominately by people of African heritage. Unprocessed African American hair is unique for its springy, tightly coiled nature. Each hair strand grows in a cork... Read More »

How to Shape an Afro While Growing it Out?

Black women who are transitioning their hair back to a natural state are transitioning it to back to the "teenie weeny Afro" (TWA), the name given to this short style. It can be difficult to know w... Read More »

What Hair Moisturizer to Use for Growing an Afro?

Growing an afro hairstyle does not differ much from maintaining many other hairstyles. To keep your afro looking neat and to keep your hair from drying out and becoming damaged, it is essential tha... Read More »

Techniques for Growing Afro-Textured Hair?

For African-Americans who aren't well-versed in hair care, daily styling and grooming can be a challenge. Black hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month, just like other textures of hair. Howeve... Read More »