Tips on Getting a Credit Card?

Answer Building a good credit history often begins with getting a credit card. Consumers who have no credit history can often have as much difficulty being approved for a credit card as consumers who have... Read More »

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Tips on Credit Card Collections?

Seeing that same phone number on your caller ID several times a day or a week, and knowing it's a credit card collection company, can be intimidating. Don't be a victim of the collection attempts.... Read More »

Tips on Applying for a Credit Card?

Credit cards are important facets of some people's financial lives. They enable people to make major purchases and pay them back at a more convenient time, and they often are used when renting an a... Read More »

Tips for Setting Up Credit Card Payments?

If your credit card carries a balance, you must pay by your due date a percentage of that balance, which is also known as your minimum payment. Major credit card brands such as Visa, MasterCard and... Read More »

Tips For Past Due Credit Card Bills?

Carrying credit card debt can potentially lead to a financial disaster, especially if you fall behind on your payments. Having late or missed payments on your credit report can cause your credit sc... Read More »