Tips on Fixing a Separating Zipper?

Answer Zippers can come undone for a number of reasons. There are plenty of ways to repair this. One way to improve the overall operation of a zipper is by lubricating it with the graphite from a pencil. ... Read More »

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How to Put in a Separating Zipper?

It is a moderately easy job to sew in a separating zipper. Measure the garment, determine the length of the zipper and pin it in place. Use your sewing machine with the zipper foot to complete the ... Read More »

How to Shorten a Separating Zipper?

Unlike the zippers found in skirts, pants, dresses, purses and pillowcases, the two sides of a separating zipper - the kind found on jackets - come completely apart. Before you can install a separa... Read More »

How to Keep an Invisible Zipper From Separating?

Invisible zippers allow you to create smooth and discreet openings in clothing for a professional-looking finished garment. One problem you may encounter with these zippers though, is the teeth at ... Read More »

Tips for Fixing Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds are common window treatments that come in a number of different styles and colors and can be adjusted to fit almost any window. Vertical blinds offer privacy and protection from the... Read More »