Tips on Fixing a Separating Zipper?

Answer Zippers can come undone for a number of reasons. There are plenty of ways to repair this. One way to improve the overall operation of a zipper is by lubricating it with the graphite from a pencil. ... Read More »

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How to Put in a Separating Zipper?

It is a moderately easy job to sew in a separating zipper. Measure the garment, determine the length of the zipper and pin it in place. Use your sewing machine with the zipper foot to complete the ... Read More »

How to Keep an Invisible Zipper From Separating?

Invisible zippers allow you to create smooth and discreet openings in clothing for a professional-looking finished garment. One problem you may encounter with these zippers though, is the teeth at ... Read More »

How to Shorten a Separating Zipper?

Unlike the zippers found in skirts, pants, dresses, purses and pillowcases, the two sides of a separating zipper - the kind found on jackets - come completely apart. Before you can install a separa... Read More »

Tips for Fixing a Car Stereo Amplifier?

Amplifiers are used to improve the quality of audio and primarily are designed to increase the sound coming from the stereo. This increase can be applied to specific sounds produced by the stereo. ... Read More »