Tips on Family Portrait Photography?

Answer People use pictures to record important events and commemorate milestones. From the time a couple establishes a family, there are usually pictures involved. If you are a photographer looking for wo... Read More »

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Portrait Photography Tips & Poses?

Of all the types of photography, portraits can be among the most challenging, because you are working up close with a person or group and attempting to make them look the best you possibly can. Thi... Read More »

What is portrait photography?

People photography that shows a persons likeness and/or personality. It can be of any style, show just the head or even the whole body, but the main characteristic is it tells something about the p... Read More »

How to Do Amateur Portrait Photography?

Humans are a self-obsessed species, fascinated by their own image, which is reproduced in all manner of media and art. Photographic portraiture is almost as old as photography itself. Eighteenth ce... Read More »

How much does a Portrait photography earn?

Oh my. This can vary tremendously. An "unknown" may be able to make only $30-50 per shot, or less in bulk (like "school" portraits) whereas a world famous portrait photographer can just about name ... Read More »