Tips on Drywall Cleaning After Sanding?

Answer From nailing to applying compound, hanging and sanding drywall is a time-consuming task that requires a host of tools and supplies. Sanding repairs any uneven drywall surfaces and any mistakes made... Read More »

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How do you remedy a drywall patch that you can still see after sanding smoothly and painting due to it being a different textue than the wall?

Matching Drywall Repair From my experience, I'd say apply a few extra coats of primer, letting it dry between coats. Eventually, the primer will fill in the differences in the patch and dry wall, ... Read More »

Block Sanding Tips?

You must block sand the bodywork of a car before applying the paint to attain a perfect finish. Pack dents or scratches with an appropriate filler and hammer flat any high spots. Rub smooth the ent... Read More »

Tips on Sanding Floors?

In addition to raising property value, wood flooring enhances the beauty of a home. The natural style of wood flooring complements any color scheme and makes decorating easy. Consequently, the time... Read More »

Wood Sanding Tips?

When you are working with wood you need to sand it before staining or painting it, especially if you are removing an old coating. New stain will not adhere to old stain and roughing the surface wil... Read More »