Tips on Double Spacing in an MLA Essay?

Answer The liberal arts and humanities departments for most schools require the use of Modern Language Association (MLA) style for students who are writing essays. It is important to know and understand t... Read More »

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Double Spacing?

Go to Format (on the top toolbar) then paragraph. Next choose line spacing, and set it for double.

What is double spacing?

An easy way to check double-spacing (and other spacing parameters) is to type out whatever you want in Mircrosoft Word.Once you are done typing, highlight all your text (CONTROL+A).Next, under "For... Read More »

How to Stop Double Spacing in Microsoft Word 2007?

Microsoft Word 2007 is a full-service word processor that offers users a variety of different options and features for document creation. If your version of the program is set to double spacing, th... Read More »

Tips on Layout & Spacing for Recessed Lighting for the Living Room?

Recessed lighting is often confusing to the amateur home decorator since they are different than a central ceiling fixture, a table lamp or a floor lamp. Several options are available when planning... Read More »