Tips on Documenting in the Preschool Classroom?

Answer In a classroom setting, documentation refers to the practice of recording the progress and learning experiences of students, using photographs, written observations and transcripts. In the preschoo... Read More »

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Classroom Management Tips for Preschool?

There are many strategies to make managing a preschool classroom easier. Although what may work for one teacher or classroom may not work for another, there are universal management tips that may b... Read More »

Classroom Management Tips to Discipline Preschool Kids?

One of the most challenging aspects of being a preschool teacher is managing your classroom. Effective discipline within your classroom does not mean spanking students or placing them in time out. ... Read More »

Preschool: How to Introduce a Classroom Pet?

Caring for a classroom pet may require a bit of time and effort on your part, but the positive influence it can have on preschoolers makes it well worth the effort. A classroom pet teaches children... Read More »

Preschool Ideas for the Classroom?

Preschool classrooms feature themes and decorations that appeal to small children. This is a time when children are learning the alphabet and basic counting skills. Adorn your classroom with themes... Read More »