Tips on Documenting in the Preschool Classroom?

Answer In a classroom setting, documentation refers to the practice of recording the progress and learning experiences of students, using photographs, written observations and transcripts. In the preschoo... Read More »

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Classroom Management Tips for Preschool?

There are many strategies to make managing a preschool classroom easier. Although what may work for one teacher or classroom may not work for another, there are universal management tips that may b... Read More »

Classroom Management Tips to Discipline Preschool Kids?

One of the most challenging aspects of being a preschool teacher is managing your classroom. Effective discipline within your classroom does not mean spanking students or placing them in time out. ... Read More »

How to Set Up Your Homeschool Preschool Classroom?

Homeschooling for preschool is more about free play and fun than anything else. Still, making sure your home is organized and the different materials are easy for children to access can mean the pr... Read More »

How to Use Computers for a Preschool Classroom?

One of the ways a preschool classroom can be more interesting is through the use of computers. The interactive nature of computer software can help children ages 3 to 5 years learn better and faste... Read More »