Tips on Credit Card Collections?

Answer Seeing that same phone number on your caller ID several times a day or a week, and knowing it's a credit card collection company, can be intimidating. Don't be a victim of the collection attempts.... Read More »

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What Happens When Credit Card Companies Turn You Over to Collections?

A credit card company might be patient with consumers who miss one payment, but after numerous missed payments and failed collection attempts, the credit card company will turn unpaid accounts over... Read More »

Tips on Applying for a Credit Card?

Credit cards are important facets of some people's financial lives. They enable people to make major purchases and pay them back at a more convenient time, and they often are used when renting an a... Read More »

Tips on Getting a Credit Card?

Building a good credit history often begins with getting a credit card. Consumers who have no credit history can often have as much difficulty being approved for a credit card as consumers who have... Read More »

Tips for Setting Up Credit Card Payments?

If your credit card carries a balance, you must pay by your due date a percentage of that balance, which is also known as your minimum payment. Major credit card brands such as Visa, MasterCard and... Read More »