Tips on Caulking?

Answer Caulking is traditionally applied using a dispenser or caulking gun, though many manufacturers are now offering caulking in squeeze tubes or pressurized cans. There are specific types of caulking d... Read More »

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Bathroom Caulking Tips?

Caulk is a material used for the sealing of leaks and crack in the bathroom and kitchen. Moisture enters cracks in the bathroom and creates mold when not blocked by caulk. Caulking is needed in any... Read More »

Tips on Caulking Windows?

The caulk around windows is an important part of your home. A proper caulk job can keep energy from escaping around your windows, stop unwanted cold drafts from getting into your home and prevent w... Read More »

Tips on Caulking a Shower Stall?

The caulk that sits in the corner lines of your tiled shower stall serves an important function---to lock out moisture from the most vulnerable area of the tile. It's also there to provide a finish... Read More »

Tips on Exterior Masonary Caulking?

Caulking seals cracks between rocks, concrete and brick surfaces. Sealing these cracks prevents moisture from penetrating the structure, which can cause harmful mold, mildew and fungal infestations... Read More »