Tips on Breaking Beads on Farm Tires?

Answer Many farm vehicles have heavy frames and very large tires, which makes removing the vehicle's tires a daunting task. Removing the tire from the rim is referred to as "breaking the bead" of the tire... Read More »

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How to Load Farm Tractor Tires?

Tractor tires are rather heavy, especially if they are weighted. Just as all tires do, tractor tires wear down and need to be replaced periodically. To get new tires put on, you need to bring the o... Read More »

How Do Rear Farm Tractor Tires Wear Out?

Farm tractor tires rely on traction to propel the tractor over a variety of soils and surfaces. Most modern farm tractors are rear-wheel drive tractors with small front tires and large rear tires. ... Read More »

Tips on Masking Tires for Rim Painting?

Rims can become scratched, scuffed, dented or gouged over time. The price of a new set of rims can be in the thousands, so that may not be an option for everyone looking for nice rims. The best alt... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Delica Beads & Toho Beads?

Both Toho and Delica beads are small glass beads, collectively known as seed beads, that are used in beadweaving or other beadwork where uniform detail is needed for both texture and clarity of pat... Read More »