Tips on Belly Fat Loss?

Answer Reduction of belly fat requires a healthful diet to enable weight and fat loss and exercise to tone the underlying muscles and reduce visceral fat. Visceral fat is unseen and lies deep within your ... Read More »

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Good Work outs for Loss of Belly and a lot of weight?

You should have 2-3 workout routines to work different muscles, if you're working the same muscles daily you're not giving them rest and then your body will become immune to it. This is why people... Read More »

Any Tips on toning my belly?

You have to burn off the fat layer. There is no other way. You can do ab workouts all day and with the fat covering them no one will ever know or you can do no ab workouts and burn the fat off and ... Read More »

Tips on Getting a Belly Button Ring?

Piercing your belly button is a big decision. Once you have decided to go ahead with it, you'll need to find a professional piercer so your belly button ring can be inserted safely and properly. On... Read More »

Tips on losing belly fat & thigh fat (teenage girl)?

You need to do atleast 30 minutes of any type of aerobic exercise for your body to register that your working it out. I suggest atleast a 5.0 speed (still not too fast but fast enough to get your h... Read More »