Tips on Algae Removal in Turtle Tanks?

Answer Algae forms everywhere in turtle tanks, from the walls to the rocks to the turtle’s shell. Although algae overgrowth is not normally harmful to turtles, it’s not very pleasant to see or smell. ... Read More »

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How to Remove Algae in Diesel Fuel Tanks?

Diesel tanks have a tendency to attract algae if the tank is allowed to sit for an extended period of time without being filled. This is partially due to the nature of diesel fuel. Algae presents a... Read More »

Chemicals for Black Algae Removal?

Black algae are organisms that form black or dark blue-green dots on aquarium glass, moist bathroom shower tiles and on the sides of pools. Black algae are hard to get rid of because chlorine will ... Read More »

Tips on Pet Turtle Care?

Turtles are popular pets among both children and adults mainly because they are seen as easy pets that require little care. Taking the time to learn how to care for a pet turtle the right way will ... Read More »

Tips for Taking Care of a Pet Turtle?

Turtles are one of the more novel pets to own. They are both land and water animals, they can live up to 40-years, and their unique shelled bodies are fascinating to both children and adults. These... Read More »