Tips for pranking someone who believes Wikipedia blindly?

Answer Basically, just put in something fake but plausible.But do it using an account that has had a few minor edits, no serious reverts or blocks, and a few obviously true things added. Also, don't use a... Read More »

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What are people who blindly follow someone called?

People who blindly follow someone are typically called lemmings, after the rodent that reportedly commits mass suicide at the end of migration cycles by following one another off the edge of cliffs... Read More »

Someone keeps pranking my phone?

Just call the police..why would NOT want to do it

Who uses and believes wikipedia?

its not all liesthe content is filtered from time to time to ensure the article is well supported and to avoid vandalism,although everyone can contribute to wikipedia, those who intend to vandalize... Read More »

Can someone give me tips for wikipedia game.?

Report them to the police. They shouldn't be beating you whilst playing the wikipedia game. Violence is, like, bad.