Tips for getting rid of a headache (possibly codeine related)?

Answer I despair for my profession when I see such unrepentant, thoughtless and unscientific poor prescribing. Codeine is a very weak analgesic but retains strong addictive properties as 5-10% of it is co... Read More »

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Why does codeine phosphate give me a headache and nausea?

Could be a sensitivity to codeine. It may not have bothered before but it does now, that can happen after repeated or additional exposure to something. Contact your doctor, or call the pharmacist... Read More »

Pins and needles in arms -possibly gym related?

Pins and needles is caused by pressure on the nerves, it is a temporary sensation and disappears on its own. As you are getting it frequently It may be a good idea to let your doctor examine you..... Read More »

What is Search protect by Conduit And is it possibly related to why my computer keeps getting an error messag?

If you are getting errors then use and run both the regular scan and the registry scan

What causes a headache related to the eye?

The following conditions related to the eye may cause a headache: Convergence insufficiency: Difficulty converging both eyes simultaneously to focus on reading. Accommodative insufficiency: Difficu... Read More »