Tips for buying meat from a humane source?

Answer I became vegan due to this craziness. Have you tried veggie meats from a place like Trader Joe's? They may be an acquired taste but I think they taste good.

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The Most Humane Meat & Chicken Products?

Consuming humanely raised animal products guarantees consumers that they are supporting animal husbandry practices that provide clean and healthy environments for animals. Meat products that meet t... Read More »

B 12 natural source meat or produce?

B12 can be found in yeast extract, fortified cereals, soya milk, seaweed and nutritional yeast flakes. There is no reason to take supplements although some vegans choose to for convenience. Vegetar... Read More »

Can anyone recommend a good source of protein that is NOT meat or cheese?

beans, legumes, soy, nutsPS: I like Emma C

What happens to a persons mind when they eat human meat as main source of food?

Yes they must be extremely crazy to kill a human being then to eat the human meat. Does a cannibal feel any different from us, no, they don't feel any different just their mind is different and ver... Read More »