Tips for a Scent-Free Workplace?

Answer A scent-free workplace is one in which employees are either discouraged or forbidden to wear or use scented products. What may seem like a pleasant fragrance to some can cause irritation or severe ... Read More »

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Workplace Tips for Perfectionists?

A perfectionist is anyone with a strong impulse to pursue an unattainable form of perfection. Perfectionists blend a high level of motivation with unrealistic goals, which makes them both beneficia... Read More »

Tips on Dealing With Workplace Conflict?

Workplaces can be stressful environments, and conflicts between workers are bound to occur sooner or later. As a manager, you bear the responsibility of looking for signs of conflict and resolving ... Read More »

What shampoo scent stays in your hair for a long time I want a long lasting scent shampoo!!?

Big Sexy, Bed Head, and Paul Mitchel are the best. But also you can spray perfume in the hair while your blow drying it because your hair cuticle opens up to heat so the scent will be trapped in th... Read More »

Tips on Free Advertising?

Advertising is an indispensable marketing tool. However, many small-scale businesses have limited budgets and cannot shell out huge sums of money for advertising. A few tips on free advertising ca... Read More »